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Chat with an expert AI that uses Medicine 3.0 principles and insights to optimize your health and lifespan through personalized guidance from the most well-respected medical sources in the world.

  • No Personal Data Stored
  • Trustworthy Evidence-Based Sources
  • Personalized, Actionable Health and Exercise Recommendations
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The Future of Longevity is Personal

Experience engaging conversations with an AI modeled to understand and provide thoughtful, empathetic responses, recognized for their quality and empathy in over 78% of cases compared to physician responses.

"This AI chatbot is like having a personal longevity coach. The personalized, science-based recommendations have helped me optimize my diet, exercise, and stress management, empowering me to take control of my long-term health."

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I use this AI chatbot instead of other chatbots like ChatGPT?

While other AI tools like ChatGPT rely on biased commercial web searches and unverified data sources, our chatbot draws its responses exclusively from hand-picked, peer-reviewed, trustworthy sources. This ensures that you receive only the most accurate, evidence-based guidance tailored to your unique needs. Moreover, our chatbot respects your privacy by never using your personal data to train its models, giving you peace of mind that your information remains secure. And the best part? You can access this advanced, high-quality AI technology completely free of charge. Similar models would typically cost around $20 a month.

How secure is the chatbot? Is my personal information safe?

We utilize Google OAuth, a widely-trusted and secure authentication method, to handle user login and access to the chatbot. This ensures that your account is protected by Google's robust security infrastructure. All interactions between our site and the AI chatbot are fully encrypted. We do not store any of your conversations or private information exchanged with the chatbot. Once a conversation is completed, it is securely discarded.

What sources does the chatbot use to provide information and recommendations?

Our AI Chatbot is uniquely positioned to offer users the most relevant and reliable information by drawing from the top peer-reviewed sources in each specific field. When discussing cardiology, for instance, it relies on highly regarded journals such as JACC, Circulation, EHJ, NEJM, The Lancet, and JAMA. An additional layer of sources are used to align responses with Medicine 3.0 principles. This ensures that users not only receive information from the most trusted authorities, but also benefit from insights grounded in the latest proactive, personalized, and data-driven approaches to health optimization.

Is the chatbot app free to use?

The chatbot is currently free to use. We will also be releasing some premium features soon.

Chatbot Changelog

  1. Cancer Expert Added

    Expert medical oncologist agent scoped only to high-impact peer-reviewed sources such as CA-A Cancer Journal for Clinicians , The Lancet, JAMA Oncology, etc., has been added to the chatbot.

  2. Chatbot model updated to GPT-4o

    Chatbot model has been updated to utilize OpenAI's latest model, GPT-4o . This model is 2x faster than the previous model.