How to Become a Patient of Dr. Peter Attia

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on May 3, 2024


Dr. Peter Attia is a renowned physician pioneering the innovative "Medicine 3.0" approach to longevity. He focuses on applying the latest scientific research and technology to optimize healthspan and lifespan. Many people are eager to become patients of Dr. Attia to benefit from his cutting-edge expertise. In this post, we'll explore how to become a patient of Dr. Peter Attia directly or find other doctors who embrace his Medicine 3.0 principles.

Can You Become a Direct Patient of Dr. Attia?

Direct one-on-one treatment from Dr. Attia is difficult to access. Recently, The Wall Street Journal reached out to representatives of Dr. Attia and were told that Dr. Attia is "not currently accepting new patients." When asked about costs, the representatives declined to provide specifics on the costs involved.

High-Profile Patient: Hugh Jackman

However, some high-profile individuals have managed to secure Dr. Attia as their personal physician. Actor Hugh Jackman, 54, has been working with him for the past four years. "I feel he takes my health more seriously than me," Jackman noted, highlighting the unparalleled level of care provided.

For most people, becoming Dr. Attia's patient directly remains aspirational. But alternative paths exist to benefit from his longevity medicine expertise:

1. Biograph

Biograph is a company co-founded by Dr. Attia that offers comprehensive health evaluations focused on longevity. According to Dr. Attia's bio page on his website, he serves as the Chief Medical Officer of Biograph.

Biograph's proprietary approach assesses your longevity through cutting-edge technologies and evidence-based guidance from a team of expert physicians, dietitians, exercise physiologists, and more.

Users can "request an invite" from the Biograph website by signing up for an informational email. The email contains marketing materials about Biograph and reveals two packages:

  • Core Assessment: $7,500 - Includes a day of advanced testing, initial nutrition/exercise consults, and follow-up for an in-depth healthspan diagnosis. This protocol is "the most advanced executive physical in the world, with a protocol designed by Dr. Peter Attia," the material states.
  • Black Membership: $14,500/year - Unlocks ongoing testing, health coaching, specialist referrals, and the most advanced longevity technology available. This flagship membership offering is "the absolute best in the world longevity program, combining both a day of in-clinic assessment with the most advanced technology available" and is "based on the principles of Dr. Attia's book, 'Outlive'".

However, becoming a Biograph member does not guarantee direct one-on-one treatment from Dr. Attia himself, and there is no mention in the marketing material or website about direct access to him.

2. "Early Medical" Online Education Program

For those who cannot become patients directly or want a more affordable option, Dr. Attia created an Early Medical online education program.

Early condenses his longevity medicine principles into a 12-module intensive course for those who can't become his direct patients. It equips you with actionable tools to develop your own Evidence-Based Longevity Roadmap, even without one-on-one physician guidance. The program costs a one-time fee of $2,500 and aims to be the next best thing to being Dr. Attia's patient directly.

3. Find "Medicine 3.0" Doctors like Peter Attia

If these options are out of reach or you prefer to work with a physician in person, you can look for other doctors who have adopted Dr. Attia's Medicine 3.0 approach. At Modern Med Life, we've compiled a user-submitted directory of doctors who follow longevity medicine principles inspired by Dr. Attia's work.

Some key tips as you evaluate potential Medicine 3.0 doctors:

  • Look for a focus on disease prevention, not just treatment
  • Check if they stay up-to-date on the latest longevity research
  • Prioritize doctors who emphasize proactive testing and health optimization
  • Consider concierge practices that offer in-depth, personalized care

View the full directory at: List of Medicine 3.0 Doctors

Get Personalized Guidance from our AI Longevity Coach

While working directly with top longevity physicians like Dr. Attia is not accessible for most, you can still benefit from evidence-based, personalized guidance here at Modern Med Life.

Our FREE AI-powered AI Chatbot leverages the same peer-reviewed research and technology-based approach as Medicine 3.0 - all through a simple online chat interface. Just provide some details about your health goals and lifestyle, and our AI chatbot will generate customized recommendations for your diet, exercise, supplementation, and more. This powerful tool can help you take control of your health and optimize your longevity, no matter where you are on your journey.

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Becoming a patient of Dr. Peter Attia directly is very difficult. But you can still access his Medicine 3.0 longevity approach in several ways:

  • Become a Biograph member for comprehensive longevity evaluations
  • Enroll in his "Early Medical" education program to create your own roadmap
  • Find a Medicine 3.0 doctor through our directory
  • Get started with our AI Longevity Coach for personalized guidance