How to Find a Medicine 3.0 Doctor Like Dr. Peter Attia

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on May 24, 2023 , Updated: Apr 23, 2024

Ever wondered how to find a doctor like Peter Attia, or how to locate medicine 3.0 doctors near you? You're in the right place. We've collated a list of physicians influenced by Dr. Peter Attia's medical practice and who embody the "Medicine 3.0" approach.

Medicine 3.0, as championed by Dr. Peter Attia, merges traditional medical practices with the latest scientific technology and evidence-based strategies. It delves into the root causes of health issues, utilizing the most recent medical research to ensure treatments are both effective and tailored to individual needs. This approach seamlessly integrates the precision of conventional medicine with the depth of integrative care, all grounded in empirical evidence.

Medicine 3.0 Doctors: These doctors have mentioned their influence by Dr. Peter Attia

Sean Breen, MDFunctional MedicineSourceLinkCA, Irvine
Sotirios Tsimikas, MDCardiologySourceLinkCA, La Jolla
Taylor Martin, MDPreventive MedicineSourceLinkCA, Santa Monica
Anthony C. Pearson, MDCardiologySourceLinkCA, Unknown*
Rebecca Bub, MDFamily MedicineSourceLinkCO, Denver
Anders Kassem, MDFunctional Medicine & EndocrinologySourceLinkEU, Denmark
Andrew Vasconcellos, MDRheumatology and Internal MedicineSourceLinkFL, Boca Raton
Catherine Johnson, MDUnknownSourceLinkFL, Naples
Jacob Smith, MDFamily PracticeSourceLinkID, Meridian
Angelo Falcone, MDIntegrative MedicineSourceLinkMD, Rockville
James H O'Keefe Jr., MDCardiologySourceLinkMO, Kansas City
Anthony C. Pearson, MDCardiologySourceLinkMO, St.Louis
Kenneth Stone, MDPrimary CareSourceLinkNC, Durham
Anthony C. Pearson, MDCardiologySourceLinkNC, Unknown*
Neil Paulvin, MDFunctional MedicineSourceLinkNY, New York
Sara Gottfried, MDFunctional MedicineSourceLinkPA, Villanova
Steven Kornweiss, MDEmergency MedicineSourceLinkSC, Greenville
Tom Rogers, MDUnknownSourceLinkTN, Knoxville area
Shalini Kaneriya, MDInternal MedicineSourceLinkVA, Herndon

* May have a satellite office location

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Examples of Doctors Who Reference Dr. Attia:

Dr. Angelo Falcone from Dignity Integrative Medicine in one of his blog posts references Dr. Attia:

In the realm of integrative and functional medicine, it's crucial to find scientists and researchers capable of dissecting complex data amidst uncertainty and proficiently communicating the results. This blend of abilities is rare. I've listed several individuals below who, in my view, possess these qualities and provide me with fresh perspectives on integrative medicine.

Dr. Tom Rogers of Performance Medicine says:

Outlive: The Science and Art of Longevity by Peter Attia, MD. This book sums up everything I’m trying to do in my practice at Performance Medicine

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Tips on Finding the Right Doctor for You

Selecting the right primary care physician can be a daunting task, but Dr. Peter Attia provides invaluable guidance to make this process clearer. When evaluating potential doctors, he recommends focusing on:

  • Advocacy: Their expertise in connecting you with the best specialists and championing your needs in the health system.
  • Affability: The importance they place on open dialogue with patients and their emphasis on the human side of medicine.
  • Availability: Assessing how well the doctor's accessibility aligns with your needs.
  • Ability: Their commitment to staying abreast of the latest in medical research and advancements.

Dr. Attia also proposes a series of foundational questions to help refine your search. These cover areas such as:

  • The balance they strike between prevention and treatment.
  • The typical duration of their patient interactions.
  • Their approach to continuous learning.
  • The key biomarkers they consider vital for patient care.

By adopting this methodical approach, you'll be better positioned to identify a physician that harmonizes with your health priorities.

For a deeper dive and to access the full list of questions, refer to Dr. Peter Attia's comprehensive guide on How to Find a Good Doctor.

Alternatively, consider the possibility of DIY health screenings typically conducted at clinics. By bypassing insurance, you could save considerably on medical expenses. Read "Your Health in Your Hands - Affordable DIY Tests" for an in-depth look.